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Price list

All-day care (7:00  – 18:00)

First adaptation month tuition fees 350 EUR/month

• from the second month tuition fees 370 EUR/month + meals 4,50 EUR/ day

Half-day care (7:00- 12:00)

• tuition fees 280 EUR / month + meals: 4,00 EUR / day

Irregular care

• Tuition fees 23 EUR / day + meals 4,50 EUR / day

We provide a 10% discount for siblings.

The price for the stay includes:

  • all-day or half-day care
  • interactive teaching in form of thematic units
  • professional staff
  • toys and didactic aids
  • material needed for teaching
  • hygienic supplies: soap, toilet paper, napkins, paper handkerchiefs
  • bed sheets, towels and washing
  • gifts for children’s holidays
  • trips, excursions, theatres, workshops, Christmas day, Mother’s Day

The price for the food includes

  • breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack
  • all-day drinking regime: fruit teas and juices, filtered water
  • fruit and vegetables

In the absence of the child, only a meal fee corresponding to the number of days declared in a given month shall be refunded.

Employed parents of a child under 3 years of age can claim a childcare allowance up to

EUR 280 per month

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Contribution from the State

Since January 2020, the parental allowance has changed from €220.70 to €370, while the state childcare allowance for children under three is valued at €280. The state childcare allowance has remained unchanged and is currently €90 less than the parental allowance. If you receive a childcare allowance (€280), then it is more advantageous for you to apply for it and then apply again for parental allowance (€370) at the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The transition from one allowance to another should be smooth.